Disposable Plastic Spoons: How Many Types? What’s the Price? Product information       07/07/2022

Single-use plastic spoons (also known as plastic spoons) are products that are used once and not reused. In the F&B industry, this product is highly favored for its convenience in serving customers. It can be used for in-house customers or takeout customers. To learn more about the product, its popularity, price, and place of manufacture, please follow the useful information below.

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Single-use spoons

Single-use plastic spoons

A compact plastic spoon may seem simple, but producing the product is not easy. From the material to the production process and technology, everything is thoroughly researched to ensure the quality of the product according to the appropriate usage needs.

Manufacturing Material

PP plastic beads are commonly used to produce single-use spoons. PP plastic, also known as Polypropylene, is known for its durability and high heat resistance, even with hot and cold foods. PP plastic can withstand temperatures of over 100 degrees Celsius, making it compatible with single-use spoons for serving hot meals.

In addition to PP plastic, other types of plastic are also used as materials for producing plastic spoons, such as PET plastic and PS plastic. To make single-use spoons more durable and attractive, various additives are included during production in appropriate proportions. These additives can be plasticizers, colorants, and other substances to enhance the product’s performance.


Depending on the manufacturing material, single-use plastic spoons can be classified into various types. For example, plastic spoons made from PP plastic, PET plastic, and PS plastic. Furthermore, based on differences in thickness, the product can be divided into even more categories.

The above classification is used by manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors. In reality, consumers categorize the product into two main types: affordable single-use plastic spoons and premium single-use plastic spoons.

  • Affordable plastic spoons: These products are mass-produced without specific quality standards. They are usually packaged in quantities such as 20 pieces, 50 pieces, or 100 pieces. The product is cost-effective and widely available in many places.
  • Premium plastic spoons: These products are custom-made with specific materials, designs, and thickness according to the buyer’s standards. The manufacturing process ensures antibacterial properties and product quality.
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They are usually individually packaged with the supplier’s brand logo.

The Popularity of the Product

It’s no secret that single-use plastic spoons are widely used and popular. These products can be found in small, familiar eateries, as well as modern and upscale F&B chains. The convenience of takeout spoons allows diners to be more proactive in their dining experience, whether for dine-in or takeout.

While smaller eateries often use affordable plastic spoons, larger, branded establishments tend to choose premium single-use plastic spoons. Every day, millions of single-use plastic spoons are used in Vietnam, especially in large F&B markets like Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, and others.

The Price of Single-Use Plastic Spoons

If you purchase a small quantity of plastic spoons, the price difference in the market may not be a significant concern for you. However, for larger buyers, wholesalers, distributors, and F&B chains, even a small price difference per spoon can have a big impact.

Surveys on various e-commerce platforms show that the retail price of single-use plastic spoons ranges from 120 VND to 200 VND per spoon. Common packaging options include 50 pieces or 100 pieces per pack. Product quality is often not a top priority at this price range, making it suitable for small, local eateries that require fewer spoons daily.

For larger entities such as distributors, wholesalers, and well-known food and beverage chains, they often prefer to purchase directly from manufacturers or request custom production of single-use plastic spoons. This allows them to obtain standardized packaging with one spoon per pack. This approach reflects the premium status of their food and beverage brands and ensures good product quality at a cost-effective price directly from the manufacturer.

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Manufacturing Single-Use Plastic Spoons

The production of single-use plastic spoons with modern injection molding technology

You may see a small and simple plastic spoon, but in reality, producing such a product requires an investment in modern technology and equipment. Single-use spoons are primarily used for eating, which demands strict food safety and hygiene standards.

Manufacturing Plant

At Rang Dong HealthCare, single-use plastic spoons are produced using modern injection molding technology. The process is highly automated, ensuring cleanliness and safety. This manufacturing facility specializes in producing medical plastic products and meets international standards certified by the U.S. FDA.

The production process adheres to ISO 13485 for quality assurance in medical plastic products and ISO 22000 for food safety. Therefore, you can confidently place an order for single-use plastic spoon production here.

Raw Materials

Being a medical plastic company, Rang Dong HealthCare ensures the quality of raw plastic materials. The primary plastic raw materials are directly imported from countries with plastic bead production. Stringent quality standards are applied at the point of entry.

Colorants and other additives are carefully selected and added to meet safety standards recommended by reputable foreign organizations. This ensures that the best raw materials are used for producing a range of plastic products, from medical plastic to single-use spoons for the food industry.

Moreover, with a brand history of over 60 years, Rang Dong’s customer-centric approach, ISO standards, quick problem-solving, and direct manufacturing lead to cost-effective and high-quality products. In addition to manufacturing single-use plastic spoons, the company also produces other plastic products using injection molding technology upon request.

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