International Medical Exhibition Vietnam – Pharmedi Vietnam 2023 Health and life       14/09/2023

Rang Dong Healthcare Joint Stock Company has long established its position as a reliable partner providing international standard medical plastic products. In this article, we will explore the importance of health and why Rang Dong Healthcare is the top choice for your medical needs.

Special Features of Rang Dong Healthcare

Rang Dong Healthcare has heavily invested in modern equipment and technology to produce international standard medical plastic products. Let’s look at some of their highlighted products:


    Non-woven fabric is an essential material in the medical industry, widely used for producing bandages, medical packaging, and many other applications. Rang Dong Healthcare provides high-quality non-woven fabric, ensuring safety and efficiency.


    Non-woven fabric laminated with PE film is a perfect combination of the flexibility of non-woven fabric and the impermeability of PE film. This unique product helps protect wounds and medical covers from infection.


    Rang Dong Healthcare offers a diverse range of medical consumables, from latex gloves and masks to protective clothing. Top-notch quality and high reliability have made them the preferred choice for healthcare facilities worldwide.


    Rang Dong Healthcare’s injection molded products are a crucial part of operating rooms and medical procedures. They ensure safety and effectiveness in the patient treatment process.

Rang Dong Healthcare at Pharmedi Vietnam

Rang Dong Healthcare will have a booth at the International Medical Exhibition Vietnam – Pharmedi Vietnam, located at booth A9.

Pharmedi Vietnam – Important Event

Pharmedi Vietnam International Medical Exhibition is one of the most significant healthcare events in Vietnam. It’s a place where healthcare experts and businesses have the opportunity to meet, exchange knowledge, and promote development in this field.

Visit Booth A9 of Rang Dong Healthcare

If you are interested in quality and reliable medical products, do not miss Rang Dong Healthcare’s booth at Pharmedi Vietnam. Our team of experts will be happy to advise and introduce our top-notch products.

If you are a business operating in the healthcare sector and interested in quality products from Rang Dong Healthcare, register for business at Pharmedi Vietnam 2023. This is an excellent opportunity to expand your business network and establish mutually beneficial partnerships.

International Medical Exhibition Vietnam – Pharmedi Vietnam

Date: 13 – 16/09/2023

Location: SECC, 799 Nguyen Van Linh, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

Health is always a top priority, and choosing suitable medical products is crucial. Rang Dong Healthcare is your reliable partner in providing international standard medical plastic products. Visit our booth A9 at Pharmedi Vietnam to explore more about our outstanding products.