Urine Bag and Disease Prevention Product information       29/01/2024

Urine bags, also known as Urine Bags, are a unique medical device that facilitates convenient urine collection for patients. Developed by Rang Dong Healthcare, the product features a drainage tube and a release valve, sterilized with EO gas for cleanliness and safety.

Functions and Advantages of Urine Bags

Urine bags connect to the urinary catheter, effectively sealing urine. This is particularly useful for patients unable to maintain hygiene or with limited mobility. Despite these advantages, users should be mindful of crucial points to avoid infection risks.

Infection Risks and Prevention Methods

Continuous use of urine bags may pose infection risks, as bacteria from the external environment can enter the body. To minimize this risk, proper care and usage are paramount.

Some Important Notes:

  1. Empty the Bag Properly
    Before the urine bag is full, ensure regular emptying throughout the day. Use the open-close valve to release urine evenly, reducing pressure and infection risks.
  2. Replace Timely
    Urine bags and open-close valves should be replaced every 7 days. This ensures safety and hygiene, preventing infections from the bag.
  3. Use Night Urine Collection Bags
    During the night, use larger urine collection bags to avoid overloading and reduce the risk of spills.

Why Choose Rang Dong Healthcare’s Urine Bags?

Rang Dong Healthcare takes pride in delivering high-quality products, especially urine bags. Manufactured and designed with modern technology, our bags ensure safety, cleanliness, and convenience for all users.

In the contemporary medical world, urine bags play a crucial role in supporting patients. However, to ensure safety and prevent infection risks, proper usage and choosing a quality product are undeniable factors. Trust and use Rang Dong Healthcare’s products to safeguard your health and that of your loved ones.