Medical Nonwoven Fabric – The New Era Savior of Healthcare Product information       08/06/2022

Medical nonwoven fabric has been used in the field of healthcare for a long time. However, it was not widely popularized until the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the scarcity of medical supplies, especially medical masks and specialized protective equipment, people started to recognize the importance of nonwoven fabric in healthcare. To learn more about this type of fabric, its classifications, and medical applications, let’s refer the information below.

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Medical Nonwoven Fabric – The New Era Savior of Healthcare

The difference between medical nonwoven fabric and regular nonwoven fabric

Not all types of nonwoven fabrics can be used for medical products. Certain conditions regarding raw materials, manufacturing technology, and appropriate evaluations according to the testing standards of reputable organizations and medical associations must be met.

Materials used in production

Medical nonwoven fabric is produced using virgin plastic resin with high purity. These resins are free from impurities and are derived from the distillation and fractionation process of petroleum. There are various types of virgin plastic resins available, among which virgin polypropylene (PP) resin is the most commonly used.

In addition to the main raw material, which is virgin PP resin, other additives are also incorporated. These additives meet safety standards and are added in standardized proportions to enhance the product’s performance during use and create different colors.

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Virgin PP Resin

Manufacturing Technology

The manufacturing technology plays a crucial role in producing medical nonwoven fabric that meets the standards. The system of equipment and machinery used in the production facility must undergo regular inspections and adhere to European and American standard sterilization processes.

The production process ensures quality control and meets the certifications for supplying medical supplies domestically and internationally. Additionally, the manufacturing area is kept clean to ensure occupational safety and contribute to the overall quality assurance of the final products.

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Non-woven fabric production machine

Functional and sensory evaluation

Regarding the functional properties: Medical nonwoven fabric has the ability to resist moisture, provide breathability, flexibility, lightweightness, flame resistance, easy biodegradability, color customization, and recyclability.

Regarding the sensory properties: Nonwoven fabric is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, safe, and does not cause irritation to the users.

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Antibacterial Nonwoven Fabric

Classification of Medical Nonwoven Fabrics and Their Applications

Similar to other products, medical nonwoven fabrics are available in various types suitable for different applications.

  • SS Nonwoven Fabric: This fabric consists of two layers of S (Spunbonded + Spunbonded) using dual-beam spinning technology, resulting in a softer and more durable fabric. It meets the AAMI Level 1 standard for minimum fluid barrier performance. It is commonly used in medical protective clothing.
  • SMS Nonwoven Fabric: This fabric has one M layer in the middle and two S layers on the outside (Spunbonded + Meltblown + Spunbonded). It is produced using modern technology that combines and bonds the layers together, providing excellent water resistance. It meets the AAMI Level 2 standard for low fluid barrier performance. It is widely used in medical protective wear.
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Applications in Protective Gear

  • SMMS Nonwoven Fabric: This fabric consists of two M layers in the middle and two S layers on the outside (Spunbonded + Meltblown + Meltblown + Spunbonded), using a similar layering technology as SMS fabric. The additional M layer in the middle enhances the fabric’s bacterial filtration efficiency. It meets the AAMI Level 3 and Level 4 standards for medium fluid barrier performance, providing the highest level of protection against fluid and the penetration of bacteria and viruses. It is used in medical protective wear, surgical drapes, and other applications.
  • MB Nonwoven Fabric: This type of nonwoven fabric is produced using Polypropylene material and has one Meltblown layer. It features water resistance, antimicrobial properties, softness, and is non-linting. It has been tested and verified to have a bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) greater than 98%. It is used in medical face masks, medical bacterial filtration layers, and other applications.

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    Applications in Face Mask Production

Factory Producing Non-woven Fabric to US Standards

The production of medical non-woven fabric demands stricter quality requirements compared to regular types. Manufacturing facilities must adhere to FDA quality standards, ISO:13485 standards, and CE standards to supply products to the market. One of the companies that fully meets these standards for manufacturing medical non-woven fabric in Vietnam is Rạng Đông HealthCare. The company has made significant investments in state-of-the-art technology and machinery to ensure the production of high-quality medical goods for both domestic and international markets.

Rạng Đông HealthCare’s manufacturing plant is large and located in the Tan Do Industrial Zone, Long An province. The company not only produces various types of medical non-woven fabric but also manufactures other disposable medical supplies. Some prominent products of the company include MB, SS, SMS, SMMS non-woven fabrics, infusion sets, solution bags, urine bags, specimen containers, medication pouches, and more.

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Rang Dong HealthCare Non-woven Fabric Manufacturing Company

Rang Dong HealthCare Joint Stock Company is a member of Rang Dong Plastic Group, with over 60 years of experience. As a reliable manufacturer of non-woven fabric and disposable medical supplies, the company ensures high-quality products. You can trust in collaborating with the company.

For more detailed information about various types of non-woven fabric, please contact Rang Dong HealthCare for specific consultation.

Rang Dong HealthCare Joint Stock Company

“Your Health, Our Mission”

  • Manufacturing Factory Address: Lots G4-G8, Street No. 8, Tan Do Industrial Zone, Long An
  • Hotline: 0272 3777 800

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